The Servant. The Survivor.

Former Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and current Mayor David Ortega are about as different as they get in terms of approach and political philosophy.  Yet, they are united by more than a title.  Her name is Rachel Smetana.

Smetana was the long-time Chief of Staff for Mayor Lane.  And she is now serving in the same capacity for Mayor Ortega.

That’s pretty remarkable. While some top aides for elected officials are overbearing and bombastic – think President Biden Chief of Staff Ron Klain – Smetana is just the opposite.  Courteous.  Professional.  Evenly keeled.

Perhaps that’s what makes her the ultimate Scottsdale survivor.  That, and an obvious and enduring love for the city she serves.

It can’t be easy to work for such disparities.  But Smetana’s talent, humility and ethic is and can only help bridge gaps.  Indeed, it already has. Her experience and counsel to her new allegiant will be more important than ever as he is creating unnecessary storm clouds, of his own making.