Memorial Day 2016

By John McCain My Friend, Memorial Day is a time of solemn remembrance where we pause to honor the terrible sacrifice made by those who went off to war only to never return. We remember through ceremony and by celebrating the freedom they fought to defend. We must never forget what they did in our name. They were family and … Read More

News Release: Arizona’s Fire Fighters and Paramedics Endorse Andy Biggs

GILBERT (May 27) –  Today, the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona announced their endorsement for Senate President Andy Biggs for Arizona’s Fifth Congressional District. Andy Biggs released the following statement: “It is humbling to receive this support from the Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona. Firefighters and paramedics across Arizona sacrifice so much to serve our communities, and their valiant efforts should … Read More

Easy House Calls in Arizona Legislative District 28

With State Senator Adam Driggs retiring two seats are up for grabs in the upcoming race for the Arizona House of Representatives in Legislative District 28. That’s because a current holder of one of those seats, Kate Brophy McGee, is running to replace Driggs as is the other State Representative, Eric Meyer, a doctor. The House calls for their replacements … Read More

Chandler Bing or Chandler, Arizona?

Friends was one of the best and most successful television comedies of all time.  No one can say it didn’t have a great run.  From Phoebe Buffay to Chandler Bing the characters became a staple of American life. Chandler, Arizona has also had a great run.  It is among Arizona’s most successful cities.  From Jay Tibshraeny to Jack Sellers it … Read More

MEMO: How We Won

FROM: J.P. Twist, Campaign Manager TO: Interested Parties SUBJECT: How We Won It was January, and I had just watched a discussion on Channel 8’s Journalists Roundtable, where the panel predicted as high as a 70-some percent victory for Prop 123 on May 17. I almost fell out of my chair. If only they were seeing what I was seeing. … Read More

How About A Desert Discovery Bridge Rather Than A Center?

The Arizona Republic recently featured an impressive “land bridge” near Oro Valley, Arizona to facilitate highway crossings for wildlife and reduce car accidents with them.  Here is a link. It prompted an idea.  Why not pursue something similar in Scottsdale for the McDowell Sonoran Preserve which is bisected by Dynamite Boulevard? It would be far less costly than the proposed … Read More

Decline to Sign! Say NO to Leftist Ballot Measures in Arizona

Dear Arizona Taxpayer, Leftists and union bosses from California are currently collecting signatures for three bad propositions they want to put on Arizona’s November ballot: -An anti-free speech measure that would put your name and personal information onto a publicly-available government database if you donate to non-profit organizations. It would also give state bureaucrats the power to audit and investigate … Read More

The Canyon’s Financial Benefit

by Team O’Halleran According to the National Park Service, the Grand Canyon National Park supports 7,400 jobs and creates more than $467 million for the local economy. Protecting the Grand Canyon National Park is not only critical to preserving its majestic landscape, but to securing the economic benefits it provides for our community. Click here to advocate The Grand Canyon National … Read More


by Friends of John McCain Phoenix, AZ— Today, National Right to Life endorsed John McCain for the United States Senate. John McCain has fought for policies to protect the unborn and has a 100% voting record on pro-life issues: “I am honored to receive the endorsement of National Right to Life, an organization that promotes respect and dignity of every … Read More

Littlefield’s Low-Road Longing For Entitlement

After losing the Republican nomination for the Arizona House of Representatives in 2014 Bob Littlefield found himself without a political title for the first time since 2002. He couldn’t stand it.  So he’s running for Scottsdale Mayor against a former friend and ally. He’s running despite his wife also serving on the Scottsdale City Council at the same time. And … Read More