What was this Teacher Thinking? Scottsdale Teacher get Fired for Teaching a Book on Shaming?

School administrators in Arizona typically have a rough go of it; pay isn’t always great, classrooms are large, numerous candidates and elected officials do their best to make your life tough…it’s not an easy ride. We tend to sympathize with them and want to see their decisions through a positive prism.

That’s pretty tough for the case of Principal Linda Ihnat, who was shown the door out of Horizon High School after this school year by unanimous vote for her decision to allow a book named “So You’ve Been Publicly Shamed?” as part of the reading curriculum for AP English. The 2015 book is built from interviews with numerous celebrities talking about their interactions with “cancel culture” and other examples of public shaming.

Of the more questionable aspects of the book however: there is talk of a man who is in love with his dog and bestialic references therein. There are also references to a “Nazi-style orgy in a torture dungeon”.

The fear inserted into many parents recently and their mobilization therein has been concerning. History is lined with school districts going overboard regarding banning books with legitimate value to offer, as well as pushing books with less value. This is nothing new, but passions are especially enflamed these days. As such, we empathize with educators, but we just have to ask…why?

What value did they believe a book on public shaming would have to an AP English class? Sure, it sounds like an interesting read…for adults. A 2015 book with celebrity interviews in no way could achieve the level of English importance to be involved in an AP class however, questionable subjects aside.

We want to stand up for educators; they’ve had a rough go of it lately. We can’t imagine what was going through Ms. Ihnat’s head on this one however, and we believe that dumping her is an appropriate move. Perhaps she should be running a book club instead of a school.