The Empire Strikes Back

Throughout the pandemic, liberal City of Phoenix leadership has constantly sniped at Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for just about everything.  “Where are masks?” “Don’t open up too early!”  It quickly devolved from understandable concerns to gratuitous political grandstanding.

Though surely tempting to fire back, Governor Ducey has maintained his decorum and decency.  Has he done everything great?  Of course not.  But for this state having a leader with pro-business tendencies has served it well.  This is a Governor who never thought he would be facing the daunting situation on behalf of his citizenry, but who has been comfortable in his own skin throughout.

That’s what made today’s decided Ducey counterpunch against Phoenix officials so notable, appropriate and overdue.

Showing they adhere more to a kooky caucus when it comes to the pandemic Phoenix made the asinine decision to close its parks over Easter.  As a reminder, Phoenix was one of the last Arizona cities to re-open its parks despite constant pleading from parents and children.  Phoenix has stood in marked contrast to Scottsdale, among others, which have taken a calibrated and smart approach since the onset.  Indeed, despite Scottsdale’s new council majority that has moved decidedly left after the last election it has been far more common sense than kooky with pandemic considerations.

It’s odd too that the City of Phoenix would want to have a discriminatory policy towards Latinos, families of whom are great utilizers of city parks.

So on Good Friday, we want to say good for Doug Ducey.  Phoenix’s whining, sniping and approach was starting to wear thin.  Thanks to our Governor for saying so.