The Western WIFFLE Ball Classic Tournament on Saturday, October 16th at Scottsdale Stadium Gives National Champion and Peoria Family a New Way to Bond

All-ages and teams welcome with more than 20 spaces still available for more teams!  Local Peoria Man Jim Balian is more excited than ever for this year’s Western WIFFLE Ball Classic tournament which returns to Scottsdale Stadium on Saturday, October 16th.  After winning last year’s tournament with the help of his son Andrew “Moose” and a good friend Mike Cross, … Read More

Guest Editorial: A Wasted Opportunity: Coyotes Leaving Glendale

By Alexander Lomax In what could easily be seen as one of the biggest in a long line of mistakes from the city of Glendale, it was recently announced that the Phoenix Coyotes couldn’t come to an agreement with the city of Glendale, and as such will be playing elsewhere in the Valley after this upcoming year. While I don’t … Read More