Quick Thinking Kids – How 6th Graders Helped Save an SUSD Bus Driver’s Life

Photo Credit: Scottsdale Independent

Heroes can come in all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ages. Still, it is relatively rare to be able to call children heroes without hyperbole. Yet we can safely call some 6th graders from Scottsdale Unified just that as they helped save the life of their bus driver.

Bus driver Krystal Hughes was having a medical emergency during their trip to school on the morning of October 1st. She parked in a parking lot, and when students sensed something was wrong, they reached out to 911 and communicated medical advice in real time. They also spoke with the dispatch and even reached out to the driver’s mother at her request. 

The kids were honored for their quick-thinking and steady minds with public recognition at the SUSD Board meeting on October 26th. In the words of Assistant Superintendent for Secondary Education Dr. Milissa Sackos said, “The quick thinking, technological know-how and bravery exhibited by these students in this emergency was amazing and worthy of our recognition tonight”.

Additional praise could certainly go around. SUSD’s tradition of providing a great education likely helped put these kids in a position to be able to make a change. Also, one can assume that they were raised well, so their parents deserve recognition for raising children that knew to do the right thing. But of course, we must applaud the children for their bravery and quick-thinking in the middle of such an obstacle. They no doubt are on the right track to being fine, upstanding participants in our community