Proposition 463: Do Your Research

By Alexander Lomax

If you are a voter who lives in Scottsdale you have received your ballot, and there’s a good chance that it is still on your counter, as life has gotten in the way and the right choice might not be as obvious to you as it is for other elections. You have probably seen advertisements both for it and against it and haven’t devoted the time to figure out what the right choice is.

I think it’s an easy Yes vote, but more than anything, I believe that you should cut through the myriad interests intending to sway your vote and devote 10 minutes of time to learning about it. I’ll make it easy for you, it’s right here. This is the link to it.

“Do your research” has been an overused cliche when it comes to learning about Covid; a simple but poor piece of advice. Using Google deftly may be an appropriate method of research to learn about the all-time greatest hitters in New York Yankees history, but not so appropriate for laymen trying to understand complex scientific subjects such as mRNA transcription and spike proteins. You don’t know what you don’t know, and as such can be easily swayed by professional-sounding lies.

The General Plan that is the subject of Prop 463 is easy to read and understand. It is fairly long, so to do a deep dive more than 10 minutes is necessary, but it has a well laid-out appendix that will direct you to the subjects that mean most to you. I suggest Section 1 as a starting point as to what it means and why it matters, and then jumping to specific subjects if they strike you as being of particular importance.

It is worth mentioning that it received a unanimous vote to move forward to a public vote, and most of the Councilmembers are comfortable with publicly touting its benefits. Only Councilwoman Littlefield has come out against it, saying that she is voting no. Her and husband Bob have spent plenty of time on social media attempting to sway votes against it in what seems to be an attempt to keep relevance in a Scottsdale that otherwise seems to be leaving them behind.

To be fair, most parties both for and against have their own angles. Councilmembers voting for it want to have a positive legacy of getting stuff done, and those opposed want to stick it to those members and hopefully replace them. They might be right, or they may be wrong…you’ll never know unless you…

Do your research. It’s right here, one stop shopping. You have no excuses.