Now This Would Be Cool For Scottsdale

The resilience of the backers behind the emerging Ritz-Carlton and associated Palmeraie projects that astride Paradise Valley and Scottsdale is a story for all-time. Enduring both the Great Recession and now a pandemic to still forge ahead with a beautiful, landmark project is business bravery few of us know, but all can appreciate.

Both in reputation and tax revenue, it appears poised to be a generational opportunity for both communities.

While most of the project will be located in Paradise Valley there are exciting aspects to the plans in Scottsdale, the zoning for which was approved unanimously by the City Council in 2017.

Tweaks to that zoning package (not a rezoning) were approved this past week, again unanimously, by Scottsdale’s Design Review Board.  Among the most important is an additional ten feet, set off of Scottsdale Road, for the nation’s first Fendi residences.  That’s right.  Scottsdale will be first.  

Shoppers will know the iconic global fashion brand more than most.  Forty-one, for-sale residences.  In Scottsdale. Next to the first new Ritz-Carlton built in North America in a decade.  In a first in the nation building, designed by the architect who did the Fendi headquarters in Rome.  Does it get much better?

Scottsdale has been through a lot of political and economic trauma of late.  Good news has been in short supply.  But for a stylish city like Scottsdale, and the Valley and Arizona at-large, we can’t think of a much better boutique project to bring a few smiles back.