Guest Editorial: Vote YES on General Plan 2035 for the Best Scottsdale

By Betty Janik

Please cast your vote and return by mail. Ballot must be received by November 2 at 7 pm.
1. The General Plan 2035 is the result of a strenuous public review process. Members of Council considered hundreds of comments submitted by citizens and citizen groups. Changes were made to the GP 2035 based on these comments. It is the voice of the Citizens.

2. GP 2035 protects our treasured open space by adding 3 new categories of Major Amendments that require a supermajority (5 council votes, not 4) for zoning changes to higher density. New developments will now be required to provide open space.

3. GP 2035 REQUIRES neighborhood input on development projects, previously input was only “encouraged.”

4. Removes the infill incentive district used by developers to build taller with lower standards for design. Additionally, developers are now expected to pay their fair share of costs, not pass them on to taxpayers.

5. Guides us into the next decade with a blueprint for sustainability, reduction of the urban heat island, and smart water usage while protecting our western heritage in the Old Town Historic District.

Contrary to what our opponents are posting, General Plan 2035 absolutely does not raise taxes.

To see a side by side comparison of 2001 and 2035 Plans

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The General Plan 2035 has been endorsed by COGS ( Coalition of Greater Scottsdale.

Scottsdale Councilwoman Betty Janik