Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane On Why He Supports Questions 1, 2 and 3

By Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane —

I believe I have demonstrated throughout the more than 10 years as Scottsdale Mayor to be a conscientious fiscal conservative.

I understand past public votes to defer some long-term capital infrastructure and improvement needs including during difficult economic times. Scottsdale has not approved a new bond program since 2000 (19 years ago).

We have delayed long enough.

Scottsdale’s long-term capital infrastructure needs are more acute and the 58 investments in Questions 1, 2 and 3 will help us maintain and improve our community’s quality of life.

Acting responsibly as one community we can with a democratic vote on November 5th, authorize the city to fund the needed $319 million worth of projects in the three questions.

The consequences of voters approving the questions along with the scheduled retirement of old bond obligations will have the effect of a net reduction of secondary property taxes that fund the bonds. These city bonds will not impact the primary property tax.

There was an extensive and inclusive public process to come up with the infrastructure repairs and community investments in the three bond questions.

The infrastructure investments are in all areas of Scottsdale. Senior centers, fire and police stations, the City Jail, parks as well as the Eldorado and Cactus Pools will all get needed upgrades. The southern end of Indian Bend Wash and Civic Center Plaza will get needed infrastructure repairs.

Numerous public meetings were held, and the three questions were put on the ballot by a unanimous Scottsdale City Council. The entire council endorses all three questions. That is no small accomplishment.

Scottsdale’s Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee is also in place to provide oversight and transparency for bond projects. The seven-member Bond Oversight Committee gauges the city’s progress in implementing voter approved bond programs, reviews the status of projects and makes sure our money is being spent efficiently and properly.

For all these reasons I am proud to support 2019 Bond Questions 1, 2 and 3.

Jim Lane is Mayor of Scottsdale.