Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Is The Number One Place To Move To in U.S.

By Recker McDowell —

Scottsdale is the top place to move in the U.S., according to a new report.

Scottsdale had 108 percent more inbound moves than outbound moves in 2019, according to U.S. Census Bureau research compiled by

That is the most of any city in the country. Durham, North Carolina was second with 71.7 percent more inbound moves. Mesa is the fifth most popular destination and Chattanooga, Tennessee the least popular, according to the migration data.

Scottsdale’s top ranking shows the city is doing more than a few things right.

People want to move to Scottsdale. They want to visit, shop and bring jobs and investments here.

That does not happen by accident.

Scottsdale has built its brand and desirability via important community investments, special events that put the city on the international map, a vibrant and evolving downtown and a balanced and smart approach to growth.

Events such as Barrett-Jackson, Cactus League Spring Training, the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show and the Waste Management Phoenix Open put Scottsdale and Arizona on the map for visitors.

Some of those visitors end up moving to Scottsdale. Others who attend those events are CEOs and site selectors who end up putting Scottsdale on their map for jobs.

That is why investments in WestWorld of Scottsdale, Scottsdale Stadium and Old Town are so important to the city’s economy and future. Scottsdale’s investments in the arts have helped the city solidify its international brand.

The vision for Scottsdale present and future will (and should) be the most important issue in this year’s election for Mayor and City Council.

Some candidates will base their entire agenda on stopping growth and density, especially in Old Town Scottsdale. Some of those same candidates argue Scottsdale is headed on the wrong direction, on the wrong track.

The marketplace obviously disagrees with Scottsdale being the top place to move in the U.S.

Scottsdale residents also disagree. They think the city is on the right track and headed in the right direction. A recent poll of city voters shows 66 percent (two out of three) think Scottsdale in on the right path while only 21 percent think it is headed in the wrong direction.

Scottsdale has favorable demographics, a vibrant downtown and is an international destination. But the community has also realized that it can’t stand still. Scottsdale has enhanced its tourism and events venues, invested in its parks and hiking trails, upgraded its downtown and invested in the arts.

Old Town, the Scottsdale Waterfront, Scottsdale Fashion Square’s luxury wing and new hotel and the Scottsdale Galleria are all examples of a city that knows its strengths but is willing to move forward to stay competitive. Investments in Old Town and the arts are also helping Scottsdale attract more young professionals and young creatives.

The marketplace and residents know Scottsdale is on the right path and we expect voters will also.