Guest Editorial: From Tim Mooney, Arizona GOP Political Consultant via Facebook

Mr. President, this is your fault.

I have dedicated my professional life to trying to make America “a more perfect union.” I’ve worked in elections in almost every state. Been part of electing nearly 100 members of Congress and the US Senate. Changed state constitutions 18 times in a dozen states. Helped pass legislation in three dozen states.

For more than 30 years, I’ve gotten up each day with the quest to win in the political arena to leave this country better for my children and grandchildren.

But this is an incredibly sad day, and I want to say our President’s actions and those of some who dare call themselves “patriots” are just plain WRONG.

This President is showing himself unworthy of the office as he violates the oath “…preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States.” And some…not all…not most…not even 10%, but some…MAGA supporters have reduced themselves to the moral equivalency of ANTIFA. For what? For who?

In 2016, we helped Mr. Trump win in the critical primary states of Pennsylvania, Indiana, and West Virginia. And without our efforts, President Trump would not have won Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania in the general election. And again this year, we worked for his victory in a half-dozen states.

But Donald J. Trump lost. As was his right, Mr. Trump asked for recounts…and lost. As was his right, Mr. Trump appealed to state courts…and lost. As was his right, he appealed to the US Supreme Court…and lost.

In Arizona, the appeal to the court was so without merit, the Plaintiff wasn’t even a registered voter. When refiled and appealed to the AZ Supreme Court, the Trump campaign lost 7-0 – and it’s a near sure bet 5 of the 7 justices had voted for him.

Now spurred by the President himself, lawlessness has broken out in Washington DC.

*Do not call yourself a “Patriot” and oppose the actions required by the Constitution.

*Do not call yourself a “Christian” and support heckling and harming others.

*Do not call yourself a “Conservative” and oppose the rule of law.

*Do not call yourself a “Republican” and be unwilling to accept defeat as graciously as victory.

I repudiate all that is being done falsely by others in the name of my ideology, my party, my faith, my country.

This is the saddest day of my professional career, and the most dangerous day for America in my lifetime.