Guest Editorial: Citizen Oversight and Transparency Key to Scottsdale Bonds

By Dana Close and Alex McLaren
For the Best Scottsdale

Scottsdale voters are informed, sophisticated and always want to see transparency in their city government and community institutions.

Transparency is a top priority for the three bond questions on the November ballot.

The 58 bond projects in Questions 1, 2 and 3 were determined through an extensive public process. Multiple public meetings were held, and a unanimous Scottsdale City Council put the $319 million bond program on the ballot.

Even after all the public participation, one of the concerns we hear about most often is trust. Scottsdale voters want to know that when they vote for something, it is not going to be changed or manipulated in some way after the fact. That is where the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee comes in and plays a key role in keeping voters and residents informed on the progress of bond projects.

The city provides regular progress reports on bond projects to the Oversight Committee.

The citizens committee makes sure the city follows the will of voters with the bond projects that are approved in November. That includes making sure the procurement and construction processes are being followed.

We have both been members of the Citizens Bond Oversight Committee which is made up seven Scottsdale residents. They make sure city bond projects, contracts and spending are progressing properly. The committee is a citizens’ watchdog on the city’s bond programs.

You can check out information on the oversight panel and its meetings here:

The bonds on the November ballot make overdue infrastructure repairs, build new fire stations, expand senior centers and make improvements at community assets such as Pinnacle Peak Park, Cactus Pool and McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. Scottsdale voters have not approved a major bond program since 2000.

The For The Best Scottsdale Campaign in favor of the bonds has disclosed all our supporters and campaign contributors. That not only shows the transparency of the campaign in favor of the bonds but also the widespread community support for all three questions.

The Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association, Police Officers of Scottsdale Association, Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors, Scottsdale Charros and advocates from both sides of the Proposition 420 debate all back this year’s bonds.

The city and the bond campaign have been committed to the ultimate transparency in determining the bond projects. We will follow through on that throughout the campaign. We believe in what the bonds will do for Scottsdale’s quality of life and future prosperity. We are proud to share that message.

Scottsdale voters expect nothing less.

All the projects can be seen here:

Dana Close and Alex McLaren are both Scottsdale residents. Close serves as a Co-Chair of the For The Best Scottsdale Bond Campaign. McLaren serves on the Campaign’s Steering Committee.