Tammy Caputi: Restarting Schools and Our Economy

By Tammy Caputi —

School is scheduled to “start” in a few weeks online. As a parent with 3 children in our local public schools. I’m worried about what this is going to look like for our family- how we will stay safe, make sure our kids manage to keep up with their educations, and figure out a way to work with the kids home all day.

We need solutions based on real time with real data. We need to build trust and accountability, and remain flexible through collaboration and partnerships. We can use this emergency as an opportunity to replace old systems with new and better ones; we can build back more prosperous, more prepared, and more equal. Now is the time to be thinking ahead, and thinking differently. The best policies are crafted in collaboration with all stakeholders, use data, are transparent, and keep implementation in mind. We need to decrease the “silos” in city government, and make sure we bring everyone who cares about the city together, working to build a brighter, positive, inclusive future.

Tammy Caputi is a candidate for Scottsdale City Council.