Arizona Weighs Social Media Anti-Censorship Rules as Elon Musk Weighs Twitter Takeover: Truly a Problem, or Simply Complaining?

by Ronald Sampson Much has been said of social media’s impact on politics and the public discourse, and even its impact on elections. Many see it purely as a cesspool that elevates unnecessary and toxic opinions, an opinion that is often hard to counter. Many often see whatever bias their personal opinions inject, willfully ignorant to the fact that the … Read More

Guest Editorial: Is This What “Activism” Has Turned Into??

By Alexander Lomax In a political world where money talks and the average person can feel unheard, the right to organize and protest is critically important. We may disagree with the reasons as to why people are protesting, but the importance of it is encoded in our Bill of Rights. However, there is a good way and a bad way … Read More