Special Feature: Most Read Stories From This Week

Staff Report – 

A recap of the top three stories on Arizona Progress & Gazette from the past week.

  1. Guest Editorial: From Tim Mooney, Arizona GOP Political Consultant via Facebook

I have dedicated my professional life to trying to make America “a more perfect union.” I’ve worked in elections in almost every state. Been part of electing nearly 100 members of Congress and the US Senate. Changed state constitutions 18 times in a dozen states. Helped pass legislation in three dozen states. But this is an incredibly sad day, and I want to say our President’s actions and those of some who dare call themselves “patriots” are just plain WRONG. Read full article here.

  1. Wishes & Thoughts For Each Of The 2021 Scottsdale City Councilmembers

*Mayor Ortega:  Finesse.  Many remain surprised inside and outside Scottsdale that he won.  No matter.  He did.  Credit and respect are due.  Ortega deserves room to prove himself, despite his awkward ways.  But he needs to remember he is one of 7 that govern Scottsdale’s future. Read full article here.

  1. Guest Editorial: Where Does Arizona’s GOP Go From Here?

What is the future of Arizona’s Grand Old Party? That’s what many Arizona voters are asking themselves today as we watch the aftermath of yesterday’s attacks on Capitol Hill. Read full article here.