Special Feature: Most Read Stories From This Week

Staff Report – 

A recap of the top three stories on Arizona Progress & Gazette from the past week. 

  1. Guest Editorial: Beginning Of The End

These past nine months have been long and hard for everyone across the nation. For the numerous front-line works battling new cases every day to challenging work-home dynamics to small business owners struggling to make it to the new year. But today, many woke up to more than just optimism. It’s the first punch back against COVID-19. Read full article here.

  1. All Deliberate Speed

We all enjoy the rewards of home improvement projects well done.  But until a landslide bond and infrastructure plan approved by Scottsdale voters in November, 2019, the city did not have the means to do many.  Indeed, it had been two decades since the community had given thumbs up, Bob Villa-style. Read full article here.

  1. Guest Editorial: Scottsdale’s Finest Leading The Vaccine Way

The first round of the coronavirus vaccine arrived in Arizona early Monday morning and for many, it signals the start of the end of the pandemic. And while many are already preparing to receive the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, others are a bit more hesitant to roll up their sleeves. Read full article here.