All Deliberate Speed

We all enjoy the rewards of home improvement projects well done.  But until a landslide bond and infrastructure plan approved by Scottsdale voters in November, 2019, the city did not have the means to do many.  Indeed, it had been two decades since the community had given thumbs up, Bob Villa-style.

Now that’s all changing.  Led by senior city staff, projects authorized in the bond package are beginning to come to life.  Like the smart and necessary new athletic fields near WestWorld.

While providing critical new recreational facilities for city residents they will also double for limited times as overflow parking for some of the WestWorld area’s mega-events.  WestWorld is a 240-acre amenity in the heart of  Scottsdale any city would be lucky to have.  The return on investments made there is huge, both directly and indirectly.  Tourism and events at WestWorld are likely to be increasingly important to Scottsdale’s economic health as a new council majority may slow business velocity in the city.

So kudos to city staff for so quickly following through on what a sizable majority of Scottsdale voters asked.  As more public safety, parks and other projects come to life it will be a reminder and tribute to a unanimous Scottsdale City Council that came together with a compelling bond package, full of compromises, voters could embrace.