John Little: Win or Lose, Thank You

By John Little –

On more than one occasion, I have remarked that if I had a dollar for every friend I have made during my 35-year journey in Scottsdale, I would be a rich man. Today, I realize it is not simply the quantity of those friendships, but the depth. I have been touched to my core by the length and durability of the relationships I have been gifted to have with each of you.

I have tried my best to be of service to you in your time of need and to try to be present in your moments of joy and celebration. Today is my turn to be grateful for the trust you have placed in me and the support you have provided me on this journey.

But, every path we take in life is made more meaningful when it is taken with friends. Our adventures are amplified and enhanced when we are able to share the trials and tribulations and victories we all have along the way. Even without knowing the outcome of today’s vote in my city council race, I can tell you I am grateful to have traveled this path with you. Win or lose, first or last, the gift of your support and encouragement has been a blessing that I will always have with me.

It is impossible for my family, my team and my supporters to know the depth of my gratitude for the sacrifices they have made for me and, by extension, for our community. I could not bring myself to ask them to go out in public at the dawning of the pandemic to collect signatures to help me get on the ballot. But go out they did, with smiles and without complaint. Without their dedication, I would’ve been lost. It was their bravery that made possible this entire campaign.

But our job is not yet done. We have made commitments to more fully engage with our schools, to promote renewable energy, to bolster our reputation as a healthy, clean, and safe place to live and visit. We have made promises to fight injustice, and address the housing needs of young families and seniors. We are prepared to embrace new opportunities for quality growth and job creation and to continue to support tourism while diversifying our economy.

And while COVID might keep us apart, we will find a way to achieve our goals together.

Gratefully yours,


John Little is a candidate for Scottsdale City Council.