John Little: Divide & Conquer

I’m not going to run a campaign based on fear and negativity. I don’t have a wedge issue. I’m not trying to divide people.

I’m running my campaign the only way I know how, by just being me – by highlighting my service to the city of Scottsdale for 25 years.
I know the ins and outs of this community like the back of my hand, and the only way to bring about a future in which all our children and grandchildren succeed, is to work together. To collaborate. To bring the citizens of this community into the process and meaningfully engage with them. To incorporate their ideas into real action and policy. That is how we come together. And, in a time as transformational as the one we are living in today, we must come together. We must strive to see the better angels of our nature, in ourselves and in one another.

Scottsdale is a big town. Quarter of a million people here. There are more important things at stake than just a single issue. Or two issues. We have an entire generation looking up to us right now. Let’s ignite their imaginations. Let’s dream those same big dreams of our forerunners who created the beautiful city that we know and love today. Let’s not miss this chance.

My name is John Little and I’m a candidate for the Scottsdale City Council. I humbly ask for your vote this upcoming election on August 4th. Thank you