It’s Time For WestWorld of Scottsdale To Graduate

There are many tragedies from the pandemic.  Cancelation of high school graduations and all of the smiles and memories that come with them is certainly one of them.

That pomp and circumstance is something none of us forget, our entire lives.

While some school districts have not yet thrown in the towel it seems that so many have.  That’s a shame.  In the greater Scottsdale area, there exists an opportunity to do right by all of these high school seniors.

Over the years Scottsdale city and school leaders talk a good game about more collaboration for the collective good. Yet, it never seems to really happen.  Here’s a chance.

WestWorld is best known as a 240-acre venue that is home to the world-famous Barrett-Jackson Collector Car Auction and Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show.  But it also has a massive polo field and adjacent parking field that doesn’t get much use this time of the year.

So why not turn it into a makeshift graduation venue, immediately, for as many local high schools that want to use it for drive-in graduation ceremonies?

Actual and pop-up drive-in movies are becoming all the rage as we social distance.  There is no better venue perhaps in Maricopa County to now salvage memories for our seniors.

Scottsdale voters showed WestWorld great love in the November 2019 bond election by authorizing substantial new investment in the facility.  Now it’s time for WestWorld, and city leadership, to return the favor to those who need it most.  Now.

The polo field and parking lot can literally host thousands of cars, just as happens during Barrett-Jackson.

So, let’s make it so now.  With temporary staging allowing students to be introduced and look out at a scene that may be even better than a normal graduation.  Instead of clapping there will be the honks of cars.  Instead of what might have beens there will be memories and smiles.

This can be Scottsdale at its very best, and safest. It has a great venue to save the day.  A very important day.   Do it.