Guest Editorial: Stark Contrasts and Choices

By Recker McDowell —

The New Hampshire primary this week is whittling down the crowded Democratic field after the debacle in Iowa.

The Democratic field offers primary voters a distinct choice between ‘progressives’ such as Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren and ‘moderates’ such as Pete Buttigieg, Michael Bloomberg, Amy Klobuchar and Joe Biden. Whoever the Democrats pick will offer a stark contrast to President Donald Trump.

This year’s races for Scottsdale Mayor and City Council also offer some distinct choices to voters when it comes to growth and vision for the city. The field for Mayor and City Council could also get more crowded with Mayor Jim Lane term-limited and two sitting City Council member (Virginia Korte and Suzanne Klapp) running for Mayor.

How Scottsdale grows and matures will be center stage.

There are slow and frankly ‘no growth’ candidates who oppose and look skeptically on new and redevelopment projects throughout the city including Scottsdale’s downtown core.

Those candidates should be pressed on their views on how Scottsdale will remain a premier destination and competitive on the economic development and tourism fronts if the city is not evolving older properties and parcels in key locations.

This parallels with important questions of presidential candidates on their plans for immigration, the economy, climate change and health care (including ‘Medicare for All’ plans).

Candidates with more moderate or ‘pro-growth’ agendas should be asked how they will maintain Scottsdale’s brand and character.

There is a lot going right with Scottsdale, right now, and the city has its own unique and successful path.

Scottsdale does not (and should not) follow the growth trajectories of Phoenix or Tempe. But that path shouldn’t mean Scottsdale does not evolve, mature and stay competitive.