Former Scottsdale City Councilman & Mayoral Candidate Couple Outline 2020 Endorsements

By David N. Smith and Diana M. Smith

It’s decision time!  Besides choosing among the national and state candidates for office, it is time for Scottsdale citizens to elect a new Mayor and three Councilmembers.

As thirty-five-year residents of Scottsdale, Diana and I know all the candidates for Mayor and Council.  When friends ask us, “Who should we vote for?”, we share our reasoning.  We want to be represented by individuals who bring Civility, Common sense, Experience and relevant Community involvement to Council.  We believe this combination will inspire them to vote for what is best for Scottsdale.

We want to be represented by individuals who have…

  • Been active in the community for a long time.  Citizens actively involved for a long time know Scottsdale’s history and will be better guardians of our future.  Long-time citizens develop an appreciation for our quality of life and the sacrifices made to achieve it.
  • Been something more than a “single-issue” candidate. Each of us can advocate for or against an issue close to our heart but representing a city as big as Scottsdale means confronting a myriad of concerns requiring experience-based judgment.
  • Leadership and policy making experience.  Scottsdale is an organization of 2,500 employees serving 260,000 citizens requiring diverse community services.  Not everyone who promises to lead is qualified to do so.
  • Financial understanding and experience. Scottsdale’s annual budget is more than $1 billion which amounts to $4,000 for every citizen.  We want confidence in whoever spends our $4,000.

Our choice for Mayor is David Ortega and our choices for Council are Becca Linnig, John Little and Tammy Caputi.  Each of them has lived in and been committed to Scottsdale for decades.  Here’s what else influenced our choices…

David Ortega.  David and his wife, Rosemary, raised their family here.  Their vast community service is best exemplified by their sponsorship of the Alli Ortega Empty Bowls fund-raiser event to address hunger in our community.  David’s graduation from Scottsdale Leadership, his past service as on State Boards as well as Scottsdale Council and his architectural career and training give him valuable insight into the qualities of life that matter most to Scottsdale citizens.

Becca Linnig.  Becca and her husband raised their three children in Scottsdale, one of whom is still a student at Saguaro High School.  As a realtor for fourteen years and as a member/leader of the largest trade organization in the City, the Scottsdale Area Association of Realtors (SAAR), Becca has become knowledgeable about all areas of Scottsdale.  Daily listening to a broad cross-section of citizens, she understands what citizens like and don’t like about our city.  Her graduation from Scottsdale Leadership and her continuing volunteer work as a downtown Ambassador give her insights into our downtown businesses and the arts.  She knows first-hand the arts and culture citizens and tourists seek to find.  Becca knows Scottsdale’s greatest asset is its sense of community.

John Little. John moved to Scottsdale over thirty-five years ago to work for Scottsdale.  In his long career with our city, he grew to know our City’s history, traditions, businesses, and citizens.  Beyond his direct involvement with our City, John has volunteered his personal time and talents to non-profits like Miracle League of Scottsdale, to provide baseball experiences for children, teens and adults with disabilities. John knows how our government should work for citizens and is committed to preserving Scottsdale’s special quality of life.

Tammy Caputi.  In Tammy’s twenty years in Scottsdale, she has raised three children while also running the electrical supply business she founded to serve the Valley.  Still, she has found time to volunteer for youth programs and commit time to serve on Scottsdale’s Development Review Board that influences the quality of our future development.  As a business owner, she understands organizational management, finances and leadership.

Fortunately, we have an opportunity this election to vote for four individuals who have made Scottsdale their home for many years, who have the experience to lead and who have made commitments to our community where it matters most.