Changing of the Guard at Grand Canyon Doorstep

Editor’s note: For years the Town Council in the Town of Tusayan, located just outside the Grand Canyon National Park,  had been controlled by a developer pursuing a controversial and unpopular project. A lifelong Tusayan resident who had stood up to the developer has now been elected Mayor. The following news release came from the newly elected Mayor, Clarinda Vail.

Clarinda Vail Prepares To Serve As Mayor Of Tusayan

August 7th, 2020

(Tusayan, AZ) An updated vote count shows Red Feather Properties Manager Clarinda Vail has likely been elected as Mayor of Tusayan. After Coconino County tallied 26 early ballots that were dropped off in Tusayan Election Day the vote count was 84 to 54. A final vote count is expected next week but it most likely would not change the outcome.

Vail is a native of Tusayan and has served on numerous local boards and commissions including the Grand Canyon School Board, The Grand Canyon Chamber of Commerce Board, and the Kaibab Learning Center Board.

Vail said, “My sincere thanks to everyone who voted for me, as well as for those who did not.  That’s because I will be Mayor for all of Tusayan.”

Vail plans to initiate reforms to make sure local sales tax revenues benefit the residents of Tusayan work in earnest to accomplish projects residents demand such as the sports complex. She also wants to make sure public safety gets the funding needed to keep Tusayan safe and she will undertake new initiatives to bring quality housing to Tusayan.

Vail added, “I want to thank Mayor Sanderson for running a spirited campaign and for his seven years of service to our community as councilmember and Mayor. I remain committed to working with everyone, including those who disagreed with me in the past, to building a better Tusayan.”

Vail will be reaching out to current and newly elected members of the Tusayan Town Council expressing a desire to work together.

Vail challenged incumbent Mayor Craig Sanderson who was seeking a third two year term.