Carrot Instead of the Stick – GoDaddy Founder Paving a Positive Way Forward

Bob Parsons. Photo Credit:

The science is clear: the more people that are vaccinated against Covid, the more we can drive down hospitalization rates and active cases, and the quicker we can return to normalcy. Many governments and some businesses have had a very draconian and polarizing approach to it: get vaccinated or lose your job. While it may be effective in some regard, it almost certainly helps to further our societal divide regarding this subject, one which should not be political but unfortunately has become so.

The founder of Scottsdale-based GoDaddy Inc. Bob Parsons decided to take a different approach: using a carrot instead of a stick. He has decided to give a $1,000 cash incentive to any of his 1,500 employees that decide to get vaccinated. According to Parsons in a press release, “We are lucky to have amazing employees throughout our companies, and we are committed to doing everything we can to help keep them healthy and happy. While vaccinations are by no means mandatory, they certainly are encouraged. And we could think of no better encouragement than a nice bonus for getting both.”

This comes under the backdrop of President Joe Biden’s mandate that any employers with more than 100 employees will be subject to new OSHA guidelines requiring either vaccination or regular Covid testing for those employees. Corporations have also jumped on the bandwagon, with numerous large corporations implementing partial or total vaccination mandates, and many state and local governments doing the same.

Also under that backdrop is the fact that Covid has simply not gone away and remains a very serious threat in Arizona. As of writing, Arizona has had over 3,000 new daily cases each of the last three days. While most of us are psychologically prepared for a return to normal, a virus doesn’t have the capacity to understand our whims, let alone cater to them.

Corporate reactions to Covid have widely varied, from draconian to non-existent and most everything in between. Here in Arizona however, we are fortunate to have such leadership from Mr. Parsons, someone who realizes the power of positive incentive and leading by example. We would be all better served if more leaders both in the private sector and in government led in the same vein of leadership.