One Scottsdale Candidate’s ‘Sizzling Singles’ Profile

Staff Report —

We came across a feature in Trendsetters magazine from 2017 on a certain Scottsdale City Council candidate who was in a ‘Sizzling Singles’ feature.

City Council wannabe Michael Auerbach talked to the magazine about what he was looking for in a significant other – his ideal woman.

“The woman I am searching for enjoys intellectual challenges and dark humor. She should be comfortable in her own skin and want a man who knows how to take the lead and be the man,” Auerbach told the magazine.

We will let voters decide on how they feel about that statement.

We have documented Auerbach’s colorful background before. A woman filed an ‘injunction against harassment’ against Auerbach in 2018 claiming he verbally confronted and trespassed at her apartment complex when Auerbach was walking his dog. No criminal charges were ever filed in that case.

Auerbach has also been cited for a leash law violation in 2018 and paid a city fine. The City Council candidate, who served on the Scottsdale Parks and Recreation Commission, was also cited and pleaded guilty in 2019 for ‘having a dog at large in a park.

Auerbach told the Sizzling Singles feature his ideal date would be at a ‘gourmet dinner at a French restaurant’.  We are glad it is not involving his dog at a park.