Impressions on Scottsdale’s Council Candidate Debate – Part II

By Scottsdale Pinetop With early voting starting in a couple of weeks for the November 3rd General Election, the political attacks are flying more frequently. And yesterday’s city council candidate debate was no exception. Moderated by Chris Haines from Scottsdale Community College, here are key impressions and highlights: *Development, density and economic growth continues to be the #1 issue in … Read More

Changing the Narrative on Events

By Gilbert Guru Our community has grown more divided than ever due to COVID. Weary looks in the grocery store every time sometime gets too close. A flock of heads turning if someone makes the mistake of coughing. We have become nervous around members of our community. Safety is the upmost importance. However, it is a disservice to ourselves to … Read More

Sam Campana: Scottsdale’s First Woman Mayor

By Scottsdale Pinetop Known for her dedication and passion for the arts and environment, Sam Campana has been a leader in many quality of life issues in Arizona and a trailblazer for Scottsdale women in politics. She served on the Scottsdale City Council for 12 years and Mayor from 1996-2000, becoming the first female Mayor in Scottsdale history. She previously … Read More

Good & Faithful Servant 

Working in government these days can be difficult, whether it’s in Washington, D.C. or closer to home in Arizona. It seems there is a scandal a day seeking to besmirch decent, public servants – all because of political games or, in this world we now live in, where one mistake is treated as a kiss of death. Fortunately, there is … Read More

Warning Signs

The mantra of Scottsdale’s slow growth and no growth advocates (and there is a difference) goes something like this.  Scottsdale should curtail the energetic recruitment of new business and corporate headquarters like Axon, Nationwide and others because they can foster height and growth that intrudes on the character of the city.  Likewise, new development or redevelopment should be smallish, no … Read More

Guest Editorial: Political Joke Gone Too Far?

By ScottsdaleBlogger With cancel culture as cutthroat as it is, many people need to be even more concerned about the things they may have said in the past. Arizona Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kelly is continually under the spotlight as a political figure and nevertheless made this mistake. Two years ago, Mark Kelly was speaking at the Boy Scouts … Read More

Special Feature: Most Read Stories From This Week

Staff Report – A recap of the top three stories on Arizona Progress & Gazette from the past week.  #LocalBuzz: Q & A With Scottsdale City Council Candidate Betty Janik Betty Janik gathered 30,753 votes in the August 4th primary election, which made her the top vote-getter among all city council candidates and will move on to the November 3rd … Read More

For A More Perfect City

There’s no doubt Scottsdale is a warm, inviting community. But this should no longer be a continuing excuse not to adopt a more compelling city non-discrimination ordinance.  Indeed, it’s the very reason it should.  Be a beacon, a leader.  It would be like America failing to proselytize about the benefits of democracy.   For many years this goal has been … Read More