Guest Editorial: Read The Fine Print and Vote For Questions 1, 2 and 3

By Barry Graham — As a CPA, I read the fine print. And I have read the fine print and reviewed the details when it comes to Questions 1, 2 and 3 on the November 5th ballot. The $319 million, 58-project bond package gives Scottsdale voters the opportunity to invest in infrastructure repairs and community assets that will enhance recreation, … Read More

Guest Editorial: Mesa Ranks As One Of The Fastest Growing Job Markets in U.S.; Other Cities Should Look At Their Own Economic Development Paths

By Recker McDowell — Mesa has one of the fastest growing job markets in the entire country coming out ahead of fast-growing cities such as Austin, Nashville and Charlotte. That is according to new research by City Lab, a digital publication focused on innovation and urban areas. Mesa ranks as the fifth fastest growing job markets and 8th nationally for … Read More

Guest Editorial: Questions 1, 2 and 3 Are Essential to Scottsdale Hosting Top Equestrian and Tourism-Driving Events

By Taryl O’Shea Executive Director Arabian Horse Association of Arizona producers of the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show Scottsdale is the only U.S. city in the running to host the International Federation for Equestrian Sports World Championships in 2022. That is not by accident. Scottsdale has a world-class equestrian community. We have premier events such as the Scottsdale Arabian Horse Show, Arizona … Read More


The best political campaigns don’t just win, or reimagine how to do so. They are rewarding to those who put in the time, especially the volunteers.  New friendships are made.  Differences are put aside.  Laughter is frequent. And so is camaraderie. There becomes a special sense of teamwork for a greater good. By all indications that is what has happened … Read More

Not The Right Kind Of Progress

Anyone attending or listening online to the Museum Square hearing this past week in Scottsdale couldn’t help but be impressed by the progress made by merchants, the city and the project towards a positive resolution. To write a story about it, the capstone of which was a unanimous Planning Commission approval vote, would be straightforward, and the kind of reporting … Read More

Analysis By Top State Economist Shows Alliance Metals USA Will Bring Significant New Tax Revenue to La Paz County, Wenden & Salome Schools, Arizona Western College

(LA PAZ COUNTY) — Alliance Metals USA’s proposed investment in La Paz County will generate considerable new tax revenue for local schools and fire districts, Arizona Western College as well as the county overall. If approved the Alliance Metals USA project would generate more than $714,781 in new property tax revenue over 10 years. That is $627,504 more than the … Read More

The Kush Crush

While former Tempe Mayor Hugh Hallman remains the best political cross-examiner we have ever seen, Scottsdale Planning Commissioner Larry Kush is challenging the ranking after his performance last night.  Neither suffer fools gladly and Kush deserves praise for peeling back abject hypocrisy.  It arrived via Scott Jarson of Jarson & Jarson Real Estate and AZ Architecture at the Scottsdale Planning … Read More

AARP Arizona Endorses Scottsdale Questions 1, 2 and 3

(SCOTTSDALE) —  AARP Arizona has endorsed Questions 1, 2 and 3 on the November 5th ballot and will work with the For The Best Scottsdale campaign for their passage. The Scottsdale infrastructure proposals invest $319 million in 58 projects in all parts of Scottsdale. The Scottsdale investments before voters include expanding the Via Linda and Granite Reef Senior Centers. The … Read More