Guest Editorial: Phoenix’s Giving Meters Could Be First Step in City, Mayor Gallego Addressing Surge in Homelessness and Its Root Causes

By Recker McDowell — The city of Phoenix and Mayor Kate Gallego will unveil new ‘giving meters’ in downtown. The giving meters are refashioned parking meters that accept cash and credit card donations to help homeless services. The move comes as cities around metro Phoenix and the Western U.S. see disconcerting increases in their homeless populations. The Phoenix effort is … Read More

We Don’t Get It

The expansive Ritz-Carlton project in Paradise Valley passed a couple of years ago on the closest of Town Council votes, 4-3. While the vote of the elected officials was closer than the favorable public opinion that existed for the project there’s no questioning the compelling arguments that existed on both sides. But that should now be over and those that … Read More

For The Best Scottsdale Bond Campaign Posts Strong Fundraising Numbers, Garners Diverse Community Support For Investments in Public Safety, Senior Centers, Infrastructure Repairs

The For The Best Scottsdale Campaign: Vote Yes on Questions 1, 2, and 3 is reporting strong fundraising totals as it sees support from all across Scottsdale for fixing crumbling infrastructure and investing in senior centers, youth sports fields, parks and public safety. For The Best Scottsdale has raised more than $75,900 in just two months of fundraising in favor … Read More

The Other Side Of The Story

In Scottsdale and many other cities of late there is a rising citizen angst about proliferating apartment projects. We share some of these concerns.  Look around.  While art like architecture is often in the eye of the beholder most can agree what’s interesting and good.  And what is not. Aesthetics aside this can miss a broader point in parts of … Read More

Guest Editorial: Go To Hell; Scottsdale Stands Up Again To Satanists

By Recker McDowell — The city of Scottsdale has continued its battle with the Devil this week. Scottsdale has been in federal court responding to the Satanic Temple’s legal challenge after its effort to give to say a Satanic prayer at a City Council meeting was rebuffed. The Satanists are upset with Scottsdale for not allowing their ‘prayer’ and for … Read More

Guest Editorial: Bonds Offer Scottsdale a Long-Term, Sustainable Path For Needed Infrastructure Repairs

By Recker McDowell — The Scottsdale City Council has approved a new construction contract for repairs at the Drinkwater Bridge over Drinkwater Boulevard. Drinkwater Boulevard has been closed since last summer after city engineers discovered the bridge at Civic Center Mall was crumbling and needed emergency repairs. The latest contract is the third phase for the bridge repairs. The Drinkwater … Read More

Guest Editorial: Seeing the Opportunities South of SkySong And McDowell Road

By Recker McDowell — Sometimes it feels like Scottsdale ends at McDowell Road. The roadway is southern Scottsdale’s gateway into Papago Park, Phoenix, the south end of the Salt River Pima Maricopa Indian Community and Loop 101 freeway. But of course, Scottsdale boundary stretches farther south to Tempe. And therein is the opportunity. The corridor between McDowell Road, where the … Read More

For The Best Scottsdale PAC Will Recycle Campaign Signs And Use Signs Made of Recycled Material; One Of The First Campaigns In Arizona To Make Recycling Commitment

The For The Best Scottsdale Political Action Committee, the campaign in support of Questions 1, 2, and 3, on the November 5th ballot in Scottsdale, is one of the first campaigns in the state to commit to recycling its campaign signs and use signs made with recycled plastic. Initially, the campaign assumed that its corrugated plastic campaign signs would be … Read More

Guest Editorial: Remember When the Coyotes Considered Playing Games in Saskatoon? Don’t Rule Out a Fresh Round of Coyotes Chatter with New Owner & MLB Rays Pondering Home Games in Montreal

By Recker McDowell — The Tampa Bay Rays are considering splitting games between St. Petersburg, where the team has struggled with attendance and to get a new ballpark, and Montreal which is looking to bring back Major League Baseball after the Expos left for Washington D.C. There is plenty of skepticism to making the Tampa Bay / Montreal ‘X-Rays’ work. … Read More

Good Points About Scottsdale, Mostly

On behalf of the Coalition of Greater Scottsdale, a collection of mostly slower-growth community leaders, Betty Janik conveyed caution about more height and development in the city, in a thoughtful, recent guest column.  Click here to read. Agree or disagree with her, Janik’s respected voice is one that enriches discussions in the public square. But we take exception to Janik’s … Read More