Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce Endorses Scottsdale Bond Measures, Joins Diverse Group of Backers

The Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce has endorsed three Scottsdale bond measures on the November 2019 ballot and will become one of the leading supporters of Questions, 1, 2 and 3. Those three bond measures fund needed infrastructure projects, improvements for public safety, parks and recreation as well as senior centers. Scottsdale voters have not approved a major bond package … Read More

Guest Editorial: Advice To Developers – Be Cool, Be Nice

By Recker McDowell — Lorenzo Perez has some advice for developers and others wanting to bring new and renovated real estate projects. Be nice and be cool. That’s not always easy for some developers and business types. But it is what gets support from neighbors and projects approved by cities. Perez is an architect and principal with Venue Projects. The … Read More

Who Will Stand Up For Scottsdale ?

Many of our posts can be verbose.  Not this one.  The concept is simple.   Scottsdale is a great city.  And many people and companies ask a lot of it.  In their times of needs, wants or complaints their hand is out and requests not inconsequential.   Now Scottsdale has needs.  After 19 years since the last comprehensive bond package … Read More

Guest Editorial: Arizona Out of the Fray (This Time) as Texas, Others Take Turns in Religious Freedom Fights, Culture Wars

By Recker McDowell — Texas is taking a turn in the battle over ‘religious freedom’ and LGBTQ rights. That rings familiar in Arizona where Senate Bill 1062 prompted religious liberties versus discrimination debates in 2014. Arizona often competes with Texas for technology, manufacturing and other jobs. Business, technology and tourism interests oppose two Texas religious freedom bills proposed in Austin … Read More

The Arizona Legislature Might Do What? For Who? Why The State Legislature Shouldn’t Send The State Down A Nationally Unprecedented Regulatory Path & Enter A Private Contract Dispute For A Failed Gambling Group That Backed David Stringer

The owners of the reopening Arizona Downs outside Prescott and their pay-for-play, dark money backers at the “Public Integrity Alliance” are asking the Arizona Legislature to take an unprecedented leap into a private, contractual dispute. A last-minute striker to House Bill 2547 would tell private businesses who they are forced to work and transact with. Arizona Downs and its unsavory … Read More

Beneath Him

Losing a city council election, as David Smith did in November, did not infringe on his admirable service to Scottsdale. Ironically, it only reinforced it.  Running for office takes guts and displays a passion for community unmatched by few.   Smith has served the community he has called home for decades as City Treasurer and as a Councilman, having won … Read More

Guest Editorial: Scottsdale’s Brand Shows Its Strength with Fashion Square, Kierland Commons Performances in Age of Amazon

By Recker McDowell — First quarter numbers from mall owner Macerich (NYSE: MAC) show the strength of the Scottsdale market — even as retailers and shopping centers grapple with the age of (Nasdaq: AMZN). Macerich owns close to 50 malls across the U.S. Kierland Commons, which sits in Phoenix but has a Scottsdale address, and Scottsdale Fashion Square were … Read More

Virginia Korte, Suzanne Klapp Show True Leadership, Put Community Over Politics When It Comes To Scottsdale Bond Measures

By all indications, Virginia Korte and Suzanne Klapp are both running for Scottsdale mayor next year. But the two councilors are putting that likely rivalry aside and are both strong backers of three Scottsdale bond measures on this year’s November ballot. Klapp and Korte are putting community before politics in backing the bonds which fund public safety, senior centers, parks … Read More

Guest Editorial: Why Mark Brnovich Strikes Gold with Nunchucks Twitter Video

By Recker McDowell Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s Twitter video showing off his mad nunchakus skills and celebrating the state lifting its ban on the martial arts gear has gone a bit viral. “Clearly, my years of martial arts training paid off. Pulled my old nunchaku out of storage … like riding a bike #WayofTheDragon,” said @GeneralBrnovich accompanied by a … Read More