Guest Editorial: Barrett-Jackson Is Key To Scottsdale’s Tourism And Brand; Let’s Not Jeopardize That

By Recker McDowell — Barrett-Jackson 2020 is in full swing in Scottsdale with more 1,950 luxury and vintage cars on the auction block. Barrett-Jackson is one of the signature events for Scottsdale. The auction puts Scottsdale in an international spotlight and feeds into the city’s tourism and economic brand. Barrett-Jackson is the king of Scottsdale’s car auction, helping attract tourists … Read More

Auerbach Is Back. Repeat Candidate. Repeat Offender

Michael Auerbach is returning to the political stage.  Despite being pummeled when he ran for a council seat in 2014, Auerbach, who is a member of the Scottsdale Parks Commission, has formed an exploratory committee to seek one of two open seats on the Scottsdale City Council in the August primary. His past, besides an abysmal political showing, raises a … Read More

It’s Time For This Zombie Of A Project To Be Put To Rest

Every old zombie movie, and many of the new ones, employ a tried and true dramatic device. Just when you think the creature or monster or zombie is finally vanquished, it seems to rise up without explanation to terrorize the townsfolk again. Hopefully, the Scottsdale City Council will end this horror movie when it meets January 21st. The creature is … Read More

Back To The Future & Living Lessons In Scottsdale

Well that didn’t last long. The collective community spirit exhibited in the overwhelming passage of the bond package on November 5th has since devolved over divisiveness with a project called Southbridge II. Late last week, opponents of the development submitted 17,000 referendum signatures to put the matter to a city-wide vote later in 2020. That’s no small achievement even if … Read More

Guest Editorial: Mayor Pete, The Yang Gang, AOC and Fresh Local Faces in 2020

By Recker McDowell — South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg and entrepreneur Andrew Yang posted strong fourth quarter fundraising numbers in the Democratic presidential race. Buttigieg, in particular, has shown in his fundraising and polls that many voters are looking for fresh faces and fresh voices as Democrats decide who will take on President Donald Trump in November. Trump benefited from … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Lessons of 2019 for 2020 and the Elections

By Recker McDowell — With 2019 in the rear-view mirror, 2020 and the upcoming elections are front of mind nationally, statewide and in local races where cities such as Scottsdale will pick a new mayor and City Council members. Local races will determine the path on growth, development and jobs. Those running for office in Scottsdale, in other cities or … Read More

Guest Editorial: The Lessons of Versace and Scottsdale Fashion Square

By Recker McDowell — Scottsdale Fashion Square is landing a new Versace store to go along with other luxury locations for the likes of Tiffany & Co., Gucci, Louis Vuitton and Prada. Fashion Square’s new Nieman Marcus anchored luxury wing and attraction of high-end brands along with a new Apple store helped spur sales at the mall. Fashion Square sales … Read More