Why is an out-of-state, far-left conspiracy theorist who hates Donald Trump and attacks Christians driving the debate over jobs in La Paz County?

Why is a left-wing conspiracy theorist from New Hampshire who wants President Donald Trump to go to prison and attacks Evangelical Christians as Russian agents holding the bullhorn when it comes to a job creating investment in La Paz County, Arizona?

Sounds very strange but it is true.

Conspiracy theorist Patrick Simpson has taken a lead role in opposing Alliance Metals USA’s planned aluminum manufacturing plant on vacant land at a closed down cotton gin in between Wenden and Salome. The $30 million investment will create jobs and increase tax revenue for schools, community colleges and flood control.

It’s strange that a far-left ideologue is sticking his nose into local decisions in La Paz County. It is also disconcerting that some in the local community are taking their marching orders from Simpson.

Simpson is not just opposed to President Donald Trump and Republicans. He wants Trump not only to be impeached but thinks he should go to prison, according to a recent Twitter post.

Simpson calls recent problems at the U.S.-Mexico border a “manufactured crisis”. He also accuses Evangelical Christians of essentially being traitors and siding with Russia. We’re not sure where casting people of faith as foreign agents comes from.

It doesn’t come from La Paz County.

Mr. Simpson certainly has the right to call Donald Trump a fascist, attack Christians and find conspiracy theories behind every bush. Those might play well with ANTIFA radicals, the far left and on the East Coast

But those far-left views don’t mesh with how Arizonans, especially in La Paz County, view the President and faith.

Simpson has taken an odd interest on Alliance Metals planned manufacturing plant and some of his local allies and agenda driven media are taking cues from his conspiracy theories.

That is disappointing — especially in the age of ‘Fake News’.

The Alliance Metals investment will be an environmentally responsible, job producing investment that will help La Paz County which has lost jobs this year. The truth is the manufacturing investment will create jobs and help the communities of Salome and Wenden.

Those Arizona towns need jobs not out-of-state, anti-Trump, anti-Christian conspiracy theories.

And it seems strange, if not unfortunate, that La Paz County would be left out of the new manufacturing plants enriching Arizona with environmentally sensitive facilities. Jobs and investment are locating here because California is pushing them out. La Paz County Supervisor Holly Irwin seems to be in cahoots with those who want to drive jobs away. We hope cooler, wiser heads in the form of La Paz County Supervisors Duce Minor and D.L. Wilson will prevail.

The best leaders work with everyone for a positive outcome for all and recognize that to chase this investment away at this location is to put up a ‘not open for business’ sign everywhere in La Paz County.