Who Will Stand Up For Scottsdale ?

Many of our posts can be verbose.  Not this one.  The concept is simple.  

Scottsdale is a great city.  And many people and companies ask a lot of it.  In their times of needs, wants or complaints their hand is out and requests not inconsequential.  

Now Scottsdale has needs.  After 19 years since the last comprehensive bond package where community infrastructure got fixed and repaired, parts of the city are falling apart, literally.  Just ask the neighborhoods near 68th and Camelback who had to endure traffic nightmares due to a 15-month repair to a deteriorating bridge.  We could go on at some length but promised not to be loquacious.  

So as the community prepares to vote on a smart, conservative package on November 5th, put forth by a unanimous city council, it will be interesting to see who steps up and contributes to the bond campaign to aid its package, and who does not?  

After all, campaign contributions large and small to such measures are a matter of public record. They will be there for all to see. Who really are Scottsdale patriots and who are just posers?  It shouldn’t be a hard decision with the needs as strong as the polling numbers.  

For many reasons campaign transparency is a beautiful thing.