Well Deserved

Rewind to last spring.  It was thought Scottsdale would be among the most brutally hit Arizona cities by a once-in-a-century pandemic.  Instead, it not only survived but thrived.  Much of that had to do with Scottsdale’s municipal point guard, its City Manager Jim Thompson.  It was not easy to walk the fine line of looking after public health while still being sagacious with the business community.  But Thompson did it.

For that, he was rewarded, as reported by the Scottsdale Progress.

Read the full article to digest Mayor David Ortega’s rationale for Thompson’s salary raise, along with two other charter officers.  It was on the mark.  And Scottsdale is the better for it thanks to Thompson and people like Mayor Ortega who understand that when you have an All-Star at the helm don’t let them get interested in free agency