Thank Yous Not Mud For Scottsdale Candidates

The home stretch is always a particularly interesting time in elections.  Accusations fly and the competitive juices flow.  Yet, it should also be a time to say thank you to those who have the guts to step into the arena and serve.  To get there is not easy.  Campaigning and its consequences are like being on a thrill ride at Magic Mountain but with few harnesses.

So rather than criticize anyone in the field it’s a time to express customized gratitude.  They also deserve it. 

TO DAVE ORTEGA:  One of the best parts of campaigns are the surprises.  And Ortega has surprised throughout.  Few gave him a shot at the onset.  His efficient campaign is proving people wrong.  Yes, he is benefitting from a huge Democratic year but you have to know how to position yourself for the wave. And Ortega has done that.

TO LISA BOROWSKY:  She also defied conventional wisdom with her strong second place showing in the mayoral primary.  Borowsky came from behind to do it, like her successful run for City Council previously.  She seems to be enjoying her time in this moment.  And it is always nice to see a candidate with a smile not a scowl.

TO BETTY JANIK:  What an impressive performance for a first-time candidate who is proving you are never too old to learn new tricks.  And Janik has produced the best campaign art to date – with due respect to Guy Phillips.

TO GUY PHILLIPS:  Resilience is necessary in campaigns.  Some days are good. Some are bad.  It’s easy to get down.  Especially when you have one as bad as Phillips just before the primary.  But he didn’t give up.  That upsets some.  But it has also been inspiring to others.

TO TAMMY CAPUTI: With her recent injection of personal money into the race she is showing a desire to win.  That’s not unimportant.  Those elected ultimately need to fight for Scottsdale’s best future and no one should have any doubts about Caputi’s tenacity.

TO JOHN LITTLE:  Despite the flak he knew would be coming when he decided to run the affable Little has maintained his relentless positivity, a lesson for this campaign season, and any. 

TO BECCA LINNIG:  It’s not easy to start a run-off election in sixth place with six candidates for 3 seats.  Yet, there’s been no giving up by Linnig.  People are noticing, and it may help her be well positioned for a successful City Council run in 2022 if she so chooses.

TO TOM DURHAM:  He has a certain philosophy that some like and some do not.  But he is already showing discerning judgment when it comes to business matters that may belie the critique.  Additionally, Durham should feel no shame for living in Scottsdale for less time than his fellow candidates before seeking high office in the community.  It shows a passion for your new home.  And once upon a time someone named John McCain came to Arizona and decided to run for office having lived here for less time than Durham.

This election season in Scottsdale has had many surprises.  But it should also involve thank yous to all 8 candidates, no matter who wins or loses.