Tammy Time

Newly elected Scottsdale City Councilwoman Tammy Caputi won, and serves, with a smile.  She threw a few punches on the campaign trail like they all do but she also exhibited a joy not often seen throughout the journey.

Some people shrink in the pressure cooker.  Others believe, and thrive.  Indeed, Caputi believed so much in her quest that she dug very deep into her own pockets, money well earned as a small businesswoman, to help her get across the finish line.

Notably Caputi hasn’t skipped a beat from the campaign to governing.  To look at her social media is to see a public servant blooming.

Yes, there is an admirable public service element to the efforts. But there is more.  As the youngest member of the Scottsdale City Council, mother to younger children and an entrepreneur, Caputi has a profile that resonates.  The marketplace knows it.  Caputi knows it.

What it all ends up meaning and where it goes is up to the political gods to decide.  But, for now, she is grading well in calculus.