Electric Fire Trucks…in Paradise Valley? Wise Move or a Waste of Money?

You heard it right…the town of Paradise Valley is currently considering replacing part of its fire truck fleet with electric fire trucks. Why? It comes in response to an allocation of funding from the American Rescue Plan Act enacted as a response to the Covid-19 crisis and the financial issues it caused in its wake. According to Mayor Jerry Bien-Willner, … Read More

Scottsdale on the Forefront of Tech – Self-Driving Cars Coming to Town

Scottsdale may often be associated with retirement more than technology, but Mayor David Ortega and others at the City Council are looking to change that. In conjunction with General Motors, autonomous, self-driving cars will be coming to our streets sometime in the relatively near future. Observant readers may have noticed that GM cars have been mapping Scottsdale streets for the … Read More