Looking Towards July 30th: the Democratic Primary for Maricopa County Sheriff

In our “Looking Towards July 30th” series we have been looking at contested primaries that may shape the future of our area. In our last installment, we look at one of the more unusual primaries, the Democratic primary for Maricopa County Sheriff. This seat was never a truly intriguing one until Joe Arpaio and his particular style of bravado and … Read More

Maricopa County Has a New Sheriff with a New Party, but Not Without Controversy

Maricopa County, you have a new head Sheriff. And as far as successions go, this one is a bit more controversial than most. In a surprise move, Democrat Paul Penzone announced that he was stepping down to take a community relations job with Blue Cross Blue Shield. Cleaning up after the myriad federal restrictions in the wake of former Sheriff … Read More