Stuart The Streaker

Remember the nut jobs, even the streakers, who jump the fence at baseball games to run around the outfield to gain attention?  Years ago most responsible television networks stopped showing the romps so as not to reward the recklessness.
Apparently, the Scottsdale Independent didn’t get the memo.  While we applaud the publication for becoming the unquestionable leader in Northeast Valley news the recent decision to splash Scottsdale City Hall streaker Mark Stuart across its front page (here is a link) was like Fox showing a clothing optional resort during the World Series.
Stuart is a political cross somewhere between Gary Busey and Lindsay Lohan, always seeming like a nudist on the late shift (although that’s a visual about as appealing as one of Stuart’s incoherent screeds).  
He has a remarkable ability to be both a joke and a jerk.  And he is a discrediting accomplice to any effort that embraces him, including the NODDC crowd with whom we sympathize with, except for their pungent Pied Piper.
God rest his soul, one-time Arizona Cardinals Coach Dennis Green years ago made it into the Hall of Fame for Crazy after a Monday Night Football meltdown against the Chicago Bears. “They are who we thought they were . .  . and we let them off the hook,” Green infamously yelled at reporters after the loss.  And Mark Stuart is who we know he is, and the Scottsdale Independent still put him on the front page.  Now that’s really crazy.