Stark Contrast. The Unusual Candidacy Of Nicole Garcia

By Shea Lincoln

Voters in Phoenix’s District Three are witnessing an unusual, if not lopsided race for City Council. Nicole Garcia continues to campaign as if she’s running in a dark red district. District Three these days is a bluish shade of purple. Incumbent Deb Stark, who recently voted against a controversial police reform ordinance, understands how to walk and talk like a moderate. She also understands that Garcia had enough support to force a runoff.

Garcia is thoroughly in the Trump camp and has even taken on some Republican lawmakers who aren’t siding with Trump’s unproven campaign claims.

She does have her supporters, notably conservative District 6 City Councilman Sal DiCiccio. But District 3 is not District 6 and Garcia’s candidacy remains a very long shot come March. The last campaign finance reports show her with $8,000 in total contributions compared to about $150,000 for Stark. And the events of the last few days certainly won’t help Garcia.

The Republic has editorialized strongly against Garcia, which isn’t a surprise since Garcia effectively told the paper to pound sand after she refused to answer questions for a routine candidate’s profile.

There is at least one silver lining for conservatives in District Three. Raised conservative voices, even in a post Trump era, will likely keep people like Deb Stark walking a moderate path, even if the competition is currently wandering in the wilderness.

After the District Three race, Garcia may resurface. Perhaps a legislative run. But if she wants to get beyond a primary, she may want to consider a change of address.