Scottsdale & Northeast Valley Potpourri

*Good timing and wisdom by the Scottsdale City Council giving its capable City Manager Jim Thompson a raise, right before Phoenix’s City Manager retired.

*Barrett-Jackson’s new acquisitions of and other related assets are great news for the Scottsdale brand and its tourism.

*Disgraced Paradise Valley Councilman Paul Dembow is about as popular in his town right now as Giannis Antetokounmpo in Phoenix.

*”Greenbelt 88” is the latest development proposal to create a stir in the city. It has two fundamental problems. First, it wants to essentially replace an entire retail center with apartments.  Second, the property owner.  Rather than have a real builder in town he wants to gain an entitlement in order to auction it off to the entire apartment world.  That may be good for his bottom line but it is not the best approach for specifics and the community.

*The Scottsdale Firefighter Association’s annual charity event, one of the best in the city, returns on September 26th after a one year hiatus. Honorees include former Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane and 2021 AZ Teacher of the Year Sara Wyffels.  It’s good to see new sponsors like Axon and Toll Brothers stepping up.

*Memberships at Scottsdale country clubs from Desert Mountain to Silverleaf have skyrocketed in the past 18 months.

*Scottsdale Planning Comissioner Barry Graham has become the most anti-development Republican in the city since Bob Littlefield.