Scottsdale Fraternal Order of Police Endorses Questions 1, 2 & 3 Investments in Public Safety, Senior Centers, Infrastructure Repairs

(SCOTTSDALE) — The Scottsdale Fraternal Order of Police — a leading public safety and law enforcement group representing first responders — has endorsed all three Scottsdale bond questions on the November 2019 ballot.

The Scottsdale Fraternal Order of Police is strongly supporting Questions 1, 2 and 3 joining a diverse coalition of supporters including other public safety groups, community and neighborhood advocates, arts and tourism leaders and a unanimous Mayor and Scottsdale City Council.

“The bonds include significant investments and infrastructure improvements for public safety as well as for projects that will enhance Scottsdale’s quality of life and prosperity. These investments are crucial for our first responders in Scottsdale. There is no doubt they will help us do our jobs better for the people we serve. We enthusiastically and energetically support Questions 1, 2 and 3 on the November 5th ballot,” said Keegan DeShotel, President of the Scottsdale Fraternal Order of Police.

The Fraternal Order of Police (Scottsdale Lodge #35) has 275 members and is a part of the largest law enforcement labor organization in the United States with more than 348,000 members. The Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association and Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA) have also endorsed Questions 1, 2 and 3.

If approved by voters, the bond program will install new bulletproof glass at Scottsdale Police stations, renovate and modernize the City Jail as well as the Via Linda and Foothills police stations and upgrade public safety training facilities and the city’s 911 systems. The bonds will also build two new fire stations at Hayden Road and the Loop 101 freeway and at Via Linda and 90th Street.

The bonds will also build a new 17-acre park in the northern part of the city and improve existing parks and youth sports facilities, expand the Via Linda and Granite Reef senior centers and repair infrastructure on Indian Bend Wash and Civic Center Plaza.

A full list of the 58 projects in the three questions can be seen here:

“Scottsdale voters have not approved a major bond program since 2000. We are overdue for infrastructure repairs and important investments in our quality of life. Questions 1, 2 and 3 are important for public safety, seniors and Scottsdale’s economic vitality,” said Dana Close, co-chair of the For The Best Scottsdale Campaign: Vote Yes on Questions 1, 2 and 3.

The Scottsdale Charros, The Thunderbirds, the Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Coalition of Greater Scottsdale (COGS) and the Scottsdale Area Association of REALTORS and a deep roster of community leaders and neighborhood advocates have come together to back all three bond questions on the November 5th ballot.