Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association Honors Heroes at Home Plate on October 25th

Join the Scottsdale Fire Fighter Association at Scottsdale Stadium for Its 20th Annual Fire Fighter Charities Dinner –“World Series Salute and Dinner on the Diamond” Sunday, October 25th Starting at 5:00pm

Enjoy Ball Park Cuisine & Cocktails on the Diamond While Raising Thousands for the Scottsdale Firefighters Charities In A Creative Social Distancing Set-Up

(SCOTTSDALE) – After an unprecedented 2020 and a year like no other, the Scottsdale Fire Fighters Charities Association decided to think outside the ‘batter’s box’ this year, literally and host its 20th annual charity dinner in an extraordinary venue, applicable to the fires.

On Sunday, October 25th the Scottsdale Firefighters Charities Association will hold “Heroes at Home Plate” outside and directly on the diamond at Scottsdale Stadium to honor Scottsdale Heroes.

Starting at 5pm guests will enjoy cocktails on the diamond, followed by ballpark cuisine at 6pm in the infield of the San Francisco Giants’ Spring Training Stadium.

All CDC mandated guidelines will be followed including social distancing and mandatory masks for guest. The events operations plan has been approved by the City of Scottsdale.

As part of the annual fundraising evening the Scottsdale Firefighters will honor and guests will hear from Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane for his 16 years of service to the City, Lynette Stant – the 2020 Arizona Teacher of the Year, and Bryan Jeffries -president of the Professional Firefighters Association and cancer survivor as well as the legislative chairman for reforms to aid firefighters injured in the line of duty.

Legendary Arizona concert promoter Danny Zelisko is scheduled to emcee the evening. As part of the festivities the Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association will also present the Scottsdale Firefighter of the Year Award and honor Mayor Jim Lane, Bryan Jeffries and Lynette Stant with a C.A.R.E. Award. The award recognizes individuals for Contributing to Achievement and Redefining Excellence.

The Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association has also invited a Hall of Fame Baseball players and a U.S. Senate Candidate to be part of the festivities.

“For years this extraordinary event has taken place at Dominick’s Steakhouse, but due to the current space restrictions at restaurants, we moved the event this year to a beautiful and very rare outdoor setting at Scottsdale Stadium. We will be holding the event outdoors and right in the middle of the World Series. And because of the era we are now living in we will of course be complying with all the CDC, State and City of Scottsdale guidelines for safety,” said Sasha Weller, president of the Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association.

Charities benefiting from the dinner include Scottsdale Human Services, Partners for Paiute, Scottsdale Seniors, Scottsdale Community Partners, Coronado JAG including co-hosting a lasagna dinner drive for more than 100 in-need families during the shut-down.

Tickets for the event are available in two-person and four-person table configurations, and there are three sponsorship donations available for purchase as well.  The Title Sponsorship for $10,000 offers a table for eight and all refreshments, the Signature Sponsorship for $5,000 offers a table for eight and all refreshments, and the Partner Sponsorship for $2,500 offers a table for eight and all refreshments.  Seats have sold out in the past, so those interested are encouraged to reserve their spots early.

Send checks to United Scottsdale Fire Fighters Charities, PO Box 14935, Scottsdale AZ 85267.  To confirm your donation, please contact Pete Tocco at 602.799.9543 or