Santa’s Gift To Paradise Valley

If Airbnb is treating Paradise Valley roughly these days, others like Ritz-Carlton and Five Star Development are not. The emerging resort at Lincoln and Scottsdale Roads will be Santa’s greatest gift to the tony town in 2020.

In previous years skepticism seemed to be the project’s yuletide sonnet. But not this one after the project’s developer, Five Star, opened up the massive, impressive construction site to community leaders and interested residents. The effort proved to be a whole new definition of shock and awe.

Sensing this, but also exemplifying public service integrity, new Town Manager Jill Keimach has quietly worked smartly and effectively to diffuse pithiness from some of the politicos. In fairness, she has also had to navigate the nuances of a complex development too. The town is being well served as a result of her patience and experience.

The new tax revenue the Ritz-Carlton will mean for Paradise Valley is staggering, forever laying to rest the need and nattering about a new property tax imposition. And while the town already has a plethora of signature resort properties the Ritz promises to be a first among equals, at least for a while and perhaps forever, as residents discover the impressive design and layout.

Only one current Town Councilmember, Mark Stanton, sat there when the Ritz was approved. Indeed, he was the swing vote. He will look sagacious next year. But the real question for the former opponents is who will do the best Jan Brewer impression? For those who don’t get that reference Google her. Bank One Ballpark. Then rinse.