Providing A High Quality Of Life for Scottsdale Residents And Visitors

My top priority on the Scottsdale City Council will be to maintain and improve our high quality of life.
I am no stranger to this notion. I have spent over 20 years fighting to protect our quality of life in many ways. My efforts have brought awareness to critical citywide issues, influencing positive action for our quality of life.
In order to keep our city headed in the right direction, we must ensure Scottsdale continues to provide a high quality of life for our residents and visitors.
This includes keeping crime and taxes low and maintaining a strong and vibrant economy.

This also includes:

  • Smart and compatible growth
  • Maintaining our business-friendly regulatory environment
  • Improving our deteriorating transportation infrastructure
  • Continuing efforts to promote economic vitality that is compatible with our valuable brand

I respectfully ask for your vote.
Bill Crawford