Professional Fire Fighters of Arizona Endorse Councilwoman Linda Milhaven

By Milhaven for Scottsdale
Linda Milhaven, running for her third term on the Scottsdale City Council, has received the endorsement of the Professional Fire Fighters Association (PFFA). Milhaven also earned PFFA’s endorsements in 2010 and 2014.
“Councilwoman Milhaven has been a staunch supporter of Scottsdale firefighters since she was elected eight years ago,” said Joe Hester, vice president of the PFFA. “Linda has walked the talk. She has proven she can always be counted on to be fiscally prudent while ensuring the community has the manpower and resources to provide top-notch fire and emergency services.”
During her previous two terms on the council, Milhaven worked closely with firefighters to persuade voters to approve new fire stations and improve existing ones. She has also championed making certain the city’s busiest stations in and near downtown have appropriate staffing.
Much of the credit for creating the most recent policies that address firefighters’ compensation issues goes to Councilwoman Milhaven, a senior vice president at Wells Fargo.

Hester said, “We consider Councilwoman Linda Milhaven to be a true friend of firefighters. We urge voters to return her to the City Council to continue her unwavering support of public safety and advocate for the highest level of services for the citizens of Scottsdale and the city’s 10 million annual visitors.”
“I am honored and humbled to receive the endorsement of the Professional Fire Fighters Association in recognition for my commitment to public safety and high quality citizen services,” said Milhaven. “Many thanks to Scottsdale’s firefighters for their service in the face of the devastating fire last week at Navajo Elementary School, one of Scottsdale’s oldest elementary schools. Additionally, I am heartened by how the community, especially the Scottsdale Charros, has pulled together to assist Navajo students seamlessly transition to alternate facilities in the midst of the school year.”