Police Officers of Scottsdale Association Endorses Bond Measures, Prominent Leaders Join Campaign Steering Committee

The Police Officers of Scottsdale Association (POSA) — which represents Scottsdale Police sworn officers and civilian employees— has endorsed three bond measures on the November 2019 ballot. POSA will also donate to the For The Best Scottsdale Campaign: Yes on Questions 1, 2 and 3. POSA President Damien Mendoza will also serve on the bond campaign’s Steering Committee joining a diverse group of community leaders from all parts of the city.

“The Scottsdale bond measures make important investments in public safety including key projects that will make our community and our police officers safer. We strongly endorse all three bond questions on the November 2019 ballot,” said Mendoza. POSA has approximately 337 members.

The November bond measures include numerous police and public safety projects. Voters can fund installations of bulletproof glass at Scottsdale Police stations, expansions and renovations of the City Jail and downtown police facilities, replace outdated 911 systems, renovate the Via Linda Police Station and modernize training facilities for police officers and fire fighters.

“These projects are all important to keeping Scottsdale safe and maintaining our great quality of life,” Mendoza said.

Larry Kush, an Old Town resident, business leader and member of the Scottsdale Planning Commission, has also joined For The Best Scottsdale’s Steering Committee.

The POSA joins a diverse group of organizations and community leaders backing the three Scottsdale bond measures. The Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association and Scottsdale Area Chamber of Commerce, Scottsdale Charros and The Thunderbirds have also endorsed Question 1, 2 and 3. A unanimous Scottsdale City Council and Mayor Jim Lane also support the bonds.

Scottsdale voters have not approved a major bond package since 2000. The new bond measures also include funding for senior centers, parks and recreation and making overdue infrastructure repairs.

“Our police officers are on the frontlines of keeping Scottsdale safe and part of the fabric of what makes Scottsdale a great community. The bond measures recognize the importance of public safety and the work of our police officers and firefighters. We are honored to have support from the POSA,” said Andrea Alley, Dana Close, Mike Norton, Dennis Robbins and Paula Sturgeon, co-chairs of the For The Best Scottsdale campaign.