Not What Scottsdale Needed But A Response To Hate We Can Celebrate

Scottsdale’s Arts District was devastated by the pandemic’s onset, shutting tourism down during the area’s high season.  Then the protests and riots came two months later, causing a new round of turmoil as galleries and small businesses boarded up to protect property.

Then, this weekend happened.  Along Main Street’s western flank disturbing and disgusting conduct by resident Paul Ng has gone viral.  You can see it here.

It was not only a terrible representation of the city and the area, it harmed two Scottsdale businesses who had nothing to do with the vile nature of Ng.  You can read about the impact to innocent bystanders River Trading Post and Russ Lyon Sotheby’s here. 

Both companies are now handling the situation admirably and appropriately.  Indeed, Russ Lyon Sotheby’s International Realty has not only terminated the inactive, independent contractor that Ng was, but it is also seeking revocation of his license from the Arizona Department of Real Estate.  They are also returning the relatively small amount of commissions Ng generated for the company to the charitable arm of Arizona civil rights leader Warren Stewart’s First Institutional Baptist Church to help them combat homelessness. Well done.

This page has been a frequent critic of the Scottsdale Police Department for its handling of the Scottsdale Fashion Square looting.  But we have nothing but praise for its handling of the Ng fiasco.  Purportedly arrested for disorderly conduct, we find that action to be potentially pioneering policing when hate and behavior is so obviously disruptive and violating.  

There continue to be those among us who have an illness of intolerance.  It is yet another reminder of why Scottsdale should have a non-discrimination ordinance.  But until then the arresting actions of a few to combat the abhorrent acts of one are encouraging as society still grapples to abate hate.