Not Smoking Something

Unlike at least one member of the Paradise Valley Town Council that wants to hoist the densest project in the history of the community on the old Smoketree hotel property, last night the Paradise Valley Planning Commission showed sobriety in saying no.

That’s what happens when a developer pays too much for the land and seeks a political subsidy in the form of unprecedented density and FAR.  Or when members of the Planning Commission, more learned in hospitality matters than the applicant, refer to the proposal as a “motel.”


The Town Council typically gives significant deference and credence to its Planning Commission.  Reversing its decision would certainly raise eyebrows, especially with additional opposition mounting.  But there really doesn’t need to be any drama.

For a long time Smoketree used to house a restaurant called The Other Place.  And that’s the way out of this discussion now.  Look across the fence line to Smoketree’s neighbor, to the other place and another hotel called The Andaz that redeveloped with taste and acclaim.