Guest Editorial: WestWorld In Line to Host Equestrian World Championships & How The Scottsdale Bonds Can Help Venue Attract More Key Events

By Recker McDowell —

WestWorld of Scottsdale has been named the only U.S. venue among 10 worldwide locations being considered to host parts of the Federation Equestre Internationale World Championships in 2022.

FEI is the international governing body for equestrian events.

WestWorld is competing with equestrian and sports venues in the Netherlands, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Italy, Ireland and other countries to host World Championship events.

WestWorld making it on the short list shows the stature the venue and Scottsdale have in the equestrian world. WestWorld already hosts some major equestrian events.

If WestWorld is going to land the World Championships and other major events, it is going to need some repairs and continued upgrades.

The three bond questions on the November ballot include some needed improvement and repairs at WestWorld so it can keep hosting and attracting major equestrian and community events. Through the bonds, horse barns will be repaired. WestWorld’s arena area will be improved to accommodate more events. The city run facility is also slated to get improved restrooms, street access, audio systems and lighting through bond program.

WestWorld is one of Scottsdale’ big tourism and major events drivers. The bonds are essential to keeping the venue in the competitive mix for events like the Equestrian World Championships.