Guest Editorial: They’re Not Racist, They Have a Mexican Friend

By Alexander Lomax

Last week you may have read my missive about the supposed adults who recently shut down a Scottsdale Unified School Board meeting because of their petulant refusal to wear masks. Well if you thought that the uglier side of Scottsdale would simply be a one-hit-wonder under this new regime at City Hall, I have unfortunate news.

Perhaps you heard about the recent decision by ICE to temporarily house some refugees at a Scottsdale hotel. As you can imagine, there were quite a few Scottsdalians that were quite displeased by this. But I have to ask…why?

If you look at the fine print, you’d see that the hotel would serve as a mere stop in transit, that those stays would last for under 72 hours before said migrants are put onto a bus or a plane to some destination. I think it is safe to say that there is enough security to ensure that those refugees won’t be leaving the premises to go to Scottsdale’s shops and restaurants (with what money??), or otherwise, be mingling with the citizens of Scottsdale.

One of the statements from the organizer of the protest speaks volumes, however; “I’m worried that Biden’s agenda of inviting illegals in order to have them vote Democrat later when they become citizens,’ she said. ‘I worry that’s going to have a horrible effect on America and Americans because they don’t have the same values, they don’t know the constitution and they don’t believe in the Second Amendment.’”

Let’s unpack this for a bit. First, said organizer is concerned that they’ll become Democrats. I appreciate the bold-faced admission that it’s purely political. I also find the lack of self-awareness amusing; not understanding that perhaps her own actions are indicative of a problem. Never mind that across much of the country, Hispanics typically match the GOP closer than the Democrats in most social values and lurched towards Trump in 2020 compared to 2016. This group is too ignorant to recognize a large potential voting block right next to them because they don’t look the same.

And the second part? They “don’t have the same values”. Well if that’s not barely coded racism, I’m not sure what is. I applaud the commentator for having the zen-like restraint to not bring up blood libel or imply widespread rape of their white daughters.

And lastly, “they don’t know the constitution and they don’t believe in the Second Amendment”. Well, for starters, if they want to become a citizen (and receive the afore-referenced voting rights) they would need to learn the Constitution, as it is part of the naturalization test. As for the Second Amendment, God forbid that anyone else not cling to their guns like this ever-afraid wing of the GOP. It’s like there is only one amendment in the Constitution.

Very much like the SUSD meeting in which adults acting like children disrupted, this rally also demonstrates the intellectually and morally bankrupt position of the modern rank-and-file GOP. They stand for little more than ignorant anger; yet another example of the movie Idiocracy coming to life.