Guest Editorial: The Right Stuff

By Recker McDowell —

Fire fighters and other first responders put their lives on their line every day to help others and to save lives. It is important they have the training, equipment, and gear to do their jobs. That includes the growing number of women working in frontline fields.

The Scottsdale Fire Fighters Association and Tucson Fire Fighters Association are both supporting a new study by Florida State University looking the design and mobility of firefighting gear for women.

The FSU study will look at the design and fit of protective gear for fire fighters from a women’s perspective. The study will look at gear and personal equipment used for fighting wildfires as well as structure and other fires in more urban settings.

There are more and more women working as fire fighters and other first responders. It is important that they have the best gear and equipment possible to do their jobs. That means supporting research such as the FSU study and for departments and having the proper resources for all first responders.

Click here for more information or to take part in the Florida State study.