Guest Editorial: The Gift That Keeps On Giving

By Alexander Lomax

Photo by David Wallace/The Republic

When Kelli Ward was elected to Chair the Arizona Republican Party a couple of years ago, Democrats cheered under the presumption that she would hurt the Arizona Republican brand and their efficacy. However, none of us could have known how successful she would be in this endeavor.

Under her leadership, Ward has consistently carried the mantle of the previous President almost as if pleasing him was the only duty of her role. She has signed off on the state party Twitter feed literally tweeting veiled messages of sedition, has pursued conspiracy theories with no basis in reality, and has even broken Reagan’s 11th Commandment: thou shall not speak ill of another Republican. She may have outdone herself recently though.

On Twitter, she recently tweeted a graphic with poll numbers showing that 46% of Republicans would join a splinter political party led by Trump. With it, an unequivocal statement of support of the former President.

In summary: the head of the Arizona Republican Party signed off on breaking her party in two to please Trump. For those who aren’t political wonks, that would split votes of conservatives, and in a three-way race, a Democrat would be nearly assured to win every time.

Even I cannot believe that Ward is dumb enough to not understand the ramifications. The only reasonable conclusion that I can come to is that she is willing to destroy the organization she “leads” to please Trump.

If the Arizona Republican Party State Committee had an ounce of sense, they would be organizing an emergency meeting to oust her immediately. I can’t pretend to be an insider in that group, so I have no clue as to if this is going on. But for party politics, that’s about as impeachable an offense as is possible.

And Democrats will continue to rejoice, as Ward isn’t just the gift that keeps on giving…it’s that her gifts keep on getting bigger and better.