Guest Editorial: Scottsdale Needs ‘To Boldly Go’ With Alien Donuts to New Voyages for Visitors

By Recker McDowell —

National doughnut day was last Friday. Alien Donuts in Old Town Scottsdale sold out of their inventory that morning.

And that is important to Old Town and the experiences it offers to visitors.

Alien Donuts opened on Fifth Avenue late last year. It’s become a popular weekend and weekday haunt.

Old Town and downtown Scottsdale is known for its shopping, galleries, bars and events. But it is essential Old Town (and other areas of the Valley looking to draw visitors) to have an eclectic mix of experiences.

Alien Donuts may just be a small start up food business. But it is an important part of what Old Town Scottsdale needs. Tourists and local want to have cool, fun and varied experiences. A quirky donut shop showing old Star Trek episodes fits into the buffet of experience options consumers are seeking.

So, do cool restaurants, coffee shops, bakeries and wine bars that add to Scottsdale’s experience mix.

All those businesses also help serve a variety of tastes and price points of Scottsdale visitors. They also show the entrepreneurial spirit of the city and region.

There is a slogan in Austin called ‘Keep Austin Weird’ aimed promoting small businesses and the Texas capital’s eclectic and artistic brand.

The ‘weird’ label doesn’t fit Scottsdale’s brand but having eclectic mix of businesses — including an alien and science fiction themed doughnut shop — does.